Medical Supplemental Insurance

Understanding Medicare Supplement Plans and get the best plan for you
What difference would it make for you if you could keep an extra $20-$70 each month that you are now paying to your Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plan?
How would it make you feel if you knew for a fact that you had a comprehensive Medigap Insurance plan to supplement your Medicare Insurance and were not paying too much and getting the best possible healthcare at the same time?

  • You could save up to $70 per month or more on your Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy
  • You will be able to go to any doctor or any hospital in the United States and your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan will be honored.
  • When you will travel outside of United State you will have a $50,000 foreign travel emergency insurance to make sure that you get adequate healthcare while you are overseas.

Just select any doctor that accepts Medicare Supplement Insurance and you will receive the best possible healthcare that you deserve.

Because of government regulation all Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies have to offer the same plans

In almost every state 47, Medicare Supplements are standardized by the government for how they supplement Medicare Insurance. Which means regardless that you get an Aetna, a Blue Cross of California, AARP, United World, Bankers Life and Casualty, or a Health Net Medicare Supplement insurance plan or with any other insurance company that offers Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap Insurance), they have the same exact requirements for what policies they can offer. The following Medicare Supplement insurance plans are offered in 47 of the 50 states from letter A through N.
All these Medicare Supplemental insurance companies can choose which of these Medicare Supplement insurance Plans they want to offer. However, the given coverage for these plans are the same with each company, because it was standardized by federal officials. Even though all insurance companies are covering the same plans the only difference between these providers is the rates they offer and the level of service, some of them are better than others.
It is imperative to get the best Medicare Insurance company with the best rate. The only difference between the rest of the Medicare Insurance providers and me is that I can offer you the most competitive rate and top of that the best possible personal service as long as you live.

Are you paying too much for your Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F?
Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F (the best design among the given choices) covers all gaps that exist with Medicare Plan A and B.
Part A – Hospital Coverage

  • Part A deductible $ 1,156 (each occurrences) from days 1- 60   - YOU pay nothing
  • Co-pay $289 per day from days 61 – 90                                      - YOU pay nothing
  • Co-pay $578 per day (91 through150) (Life time reserve days)  - YOU pay nothing
  • After 150 days as long as you in the hospital                               - YOU pay nothing

Skilled Nursing

  • Co-pay is Free (from days 1 – 20)                                                - YOU pay nothing
  • Co-pay $144.50 (from days 21 - 100)                                          -  YOU pay nothing

No Skilled Coverage Beyond 100 Days – Medicare does not cover Custodial care (help with bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, and eating) at home or in a nursing home!
Part B – Medical Services – Outpatient / Doctor Charges

  • Annual Deductible $140 per year                                                  - YOU pay nothing
  • Approved charges by Medicare 20%                                             - YOU pay nothing
  • Excess charges by specialists 100%                                              - YOU pay nothing

If you select Plan F and you are not a smoker you could get the plan for $138.77 per month, or if you are a smoker for $154.08 per month.

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