Short Term Care

Will You Need Short Term Care and should you Buy Short Term Care Insurance?

To answer these questions, let's start with a few key facts:

What is Short Term Care? - Short-term care (STC) is a variety of services which help meet both the medical and non-medical need of people with a chronic illness or disability who cannot care for themselves for short periods of time, as well as also cover the 90 days of elimination period (most of the Long Term Care policies are coming with that option) for an existing Long Term Care policy.
Chances are you have life insurance to protect your assets from an unexpected death. You have auto insurance to protect your automobile from an unexpected accident. And, you have homeowners insurance to protect your home from an unexpected fire.
However, what if you your spouse or your family had to face the costs associated with your recovery from an unexpected illness or injury. Who would pay the bills?

A Short Term Home Care Insurance policy (easily affordable) can help protect you or anybody in your family from the high costs associated with such situation.

If you had a choice between receiving care in a Nursing Facility, Residential Care Facility, or at your own home, which would you prefer?
While we cannot predict what kind of care will be required for any one individual or condition, should not your plan give you the protection you want and the flexibility you deserve?

The plan you select will provide coverage for expenses due to these types of Care

  • Nursing Facility Care (if you prefer)
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Intermediate Nursing Care
  • Custodial Nursing Care
  • Residential Facility Care (your policy will pay the daily charges up to your Maximum Daily Benefit Amount that you have chosen)
  • Bed Reservation Fee (your policy will pay the daily fee, up to your Maximum Daily Benefit Amount that you have chosen, to reserve your Nursing Facility or Residential Facility bed when you are hospitalized during a covered stay. Your policy will pay for up to 21 days during each Calendar Year.

The plan you select will also contain these features

  • Restoration of benefit (after you stop receiving treatment or services covered by your policy for the same cause or causes for 6 months in a row, your Plan’s Maximum Benefit Amount will be fully restored.
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Renewability (You can keep your policy in force as long as you live, by paying the premiums on time. We cannot change your premium unless we do on a class basis in your State.

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